In U.S. Steel sale, does the union get a say?
Aug 25, 2023

In U.S. Steel sale, does the union get a say?

The union says yes, U.S. Steel says not quite. Plus, Subway sold to a private equity firm and ESPN might soon be streamable without cable.

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How the buyer of Subway could turn around the struggling sandwich chain

Aug 25, 2023
A private equity firm has agreed to buy Subway. It may need to close stores in the U.S., but expand overseas.
Subway has struggled for the past decade. The chain has suffered from a scandal with its longtime spokesperson, tough competition, and an excess of franchise locations.
Michael M. Santiago/Getty Images

ESPN may soon be streamable, no cable subscription required

The deal, which is in early stages, will be a collaboration between Disney and Amazon.

U.S. Steel may be for sale, and union workers want a say on the buyer

Aug 25, 2023
The final outcome of the sale could have huge implications for both organized labor and the domestic steel economy.
There's a lot at stake for the employees of U.S. Steel. Whoever buys the company could chose to close plants or move operations overseas.
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