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Home sales rebound after a year of decline, but uncertainty looms
Mar 21, 2023

Home sales rebound after a year of decline, but uncertainty looms

The latest data on U.S. home sales showed a huge rebound of 14.5% in February, reversing a trend of decline that lasted more than a year. That said, the market is still fraught with uncertainty, especially amid the recent jitters in the global financial sector. We talk to Guy LeBas of Janney Montgomery Scott about Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen's recent announcement that the government would insure the balance of deposits at smaller banks. And, prior to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, both institutions received favorable credit ratings from firms like Moody's, prompting questions about what ratings are actually useful for.

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What does a bank's credit rating really tell us?

Mar 21, 2023
Credit rating agency Moody's had given Silicon Valley Bank a high rating — right up until it failed.
A sign for Moody's rating agencyat the company headquarters. Credit rating firms gave high marks to SBV and Signature Bank before collapsing.
Emmanuel Dunand/AFP via Getty Images

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