Health care hiring is up significantly, but more is needed
Jan 9, 2023

Health care hiring is up significantly, but more is needed

Over half a million workers were hired in the health sector last year, bringing the total number up near pre-pandemic levels. However, more personnel are needed as the population ages and backlogs remain from the peak of the pandemic. Also, a preview of tomorrow's summit between President Biden and the leaders of Canada and Mexico. Then, economist Julia Coronado takes us through what's been going on in Brazil's economy. And, the view from China as it reopens its borders, including the one between Hong Kong and the mainland. 

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An economic snapshot of Brazil

Economist Julia Coronado explains what’s been going on in that country’s economy.

More than half a million health care workers were hired last year. We still need more.

Jan 9, 2023
The recent jobs report shows a marked rise in the number of healthcare jobs added to the economy.
The latest jobs report shows that the number of workers in the health care sector has climbed back to around pre-pandemic levels.
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