Feeling the heat
Jul 7, 2023

Feeling the heat

Three million customers had their electricity shut off last year, mostly during the summer. Researchers say this utility shutoff crisis is only made worse by extreme heat. Plus, a promising jobs report and a moolah doula.

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Your financial advisor might also be your meditation coach

Jul 7, 2023
Many young adults, in particular, are looking for a more holistic approach to money. And the ones that do hire financial advisors want to talk about their mental and emotional wellbeing as well as the stock market.
"We don't want financial planners practicing therapy," said Sonya Lutter, who teaches financial health and wellness. "But we want them to engage in conversation. We want them to recognize when there's anxiety issues."
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As extreme heat lingers, millions of U.S. households face a utility shutoff crisis

Jul 7, 2023
And it's leaving some people without the electricity to power a fan or air conditioner during intense heat waves.
Utilities cut power to at least 3 million customers who missed payments last year and shutoffs happen most often in the summer, according to research from University of Pennsylvania and Indiana University.
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