China’s deflation problem
Aug 16, 2023

China’s deflation problem

Steep price decreases in China are causing an economic spiral of layoffs and low consumer spending. Plus, auto workers could vote to strike soon and Novo Nordisk can't keep up with Ozempic demand.

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UAW to vote on a strike authorization

The auto workers union could vote to authorize a strike next week to ensure electric vehicle plant workers are unionized and fairly compensated. But the big three automakers say pivoting to electric vehicles comes with sky-high costs.

Can Novo Nordisk make enough Ozempic to go around?

Novo Nordisk manufactures two of the most talked about drugs of the year: Ozempic and Wegovy. The BBC’s Leanna Byrne spoke to their CFO about meeting demand for the notorious weight loss drugs.

In China, prices have been falling for too long

Deflation has led to lost revenue for companies, layoffs, and decreased consumer spending.
Falling prices might be what the U.S. is aiming for, but in China, too much of a good thing is leading to layoffs and decreased spending.
Greg Baker/AFP via Getty Images

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