Banks are leaning on each other for cash amid turbulence
Mar 17, 2023

Banks are leaning on each other for cash amid turbulence

This past week, banks have been ramping up their cash borrowing at record rates to shore up reserves in the wake of recent bank failures. We look at who's been lending smaller institutions money, including the Federal Reserve and larger banks, and why it matters. New academic research on America's banking sector has found that the real value of the industry is less than it looks on paper because of rising interest rates. And, a trip to Louisiana, where residents of a former "Black Wall Street" community are raising questions about how the construction of a highway has damaged the area's economic welfare. 

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Banks go on a borrowing spree post-SVB collapse

Marketplace’s Nova Safo explains why banks have been borrowing from — and lending to — each other a lot in recent days.

A divide over how to heal a community divided by a highway

Mar 17, 2023
A midcentury expressway tore through New Orleans' historic Black neighborhood of Tremé. A federal initiative wants to address that damage.
Amy Stelly, of the Claiborne Avenue Alliance Design Studio, in front of two expressway ramps. She lives in her childhood home near the interstate.
Carly Berlin

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