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Bank supervisors under bipartisan fire from Senators
Mar 29, 2023

Bank supervisors under bipartisan fire from Senators

Lawmakers on Senate Banking Committee yesterday grilled bank supervisors and other government financial regulators over alleged failures in oversight leading up to the recent bank collapses. Karen Petrou, managing partner at Federal Financial Analytics, walks us through what's been said so far — and what could be in store for today's hearing. Plus, housing prices remain all too high for many people, but recent data suggest a tapering in the rate of rent inflation. And, a look at the economic and environmental effects of having a lead smelting plant in the Los Angeles area, one of the few remaining in the country. 

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Bank regulators continue testimony in front of Senate committee

Karen Petrou, managing partner at Federal Financial Analytics, runs us through yesterday’s testimony and what’s expected on day two.

Rent inflation has been slowing down for months

Mar 29, 2023
A recent survey found people expect rents will rise faster than home prices. But recent data have shown the opposite trend.
A recent survey found most people expect rent to rise faster than home prices, but recent data show a slowdown in rent inflation.
Al Bello/Getty Images

Lead smelters provide a crucial service, but what of the health effects?

Mar 29, 2023
A secondary lead smelter near Los Angeles is planning to expand, distressing residents concerned about potential illness.
The Quemetco secondary lead smelter, one of the last remaining facilities in the country, is planning to expand. People living nearby aren't happy. Above, a lead and silver smelting plant in operation.
Aizar Raldes/AFP via Getty Images

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