Are some of the clouds lifting on gloomy recession forecasts?
Jan 23, 2023

Are some of the clouds lifting on gloomy recession forecasts?

With the latest inflation report indicating a moderation in rising prices, some CEOs and economists are changing their tune on forecasts of a potential recession this year. Julia Coronado explains what's driving optimism the near-term economic future may not be as bad as originally predicted. As Lunar New Year festivities kick off worldwide, China is having to balance celebrating one of the country's most important holidays with a severe Covid situation. And, Chris Farrell talks about the potential benefits of the bigger Social Security checks that went out this month. 

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What's behind the larger Social Security checks?

This month Social Security checks went up by an 8.7% cost of living increase. But what happens to social security in the future?
Marketplace Senior Economics Contributor Chris Farrell outlines the benefits of this month's boost to government retiree benefits.
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