America’s energy transition has a worker shortage problem
Mar 31, 2023

America’s energy transition has a worker shortage problem

The Inflation Reduction Act has set out a slew of funding opportunities for government agencies and private companies looking to usher in the green transition. But as of right now, many industries crucial to that effort are facing an acute labor shortage, including trade jobs like electricians. Plus, a look with University of Michigan Professor Erik Gordon at how former president Trump's indictment could affect markets. Also, the White House has outlined a plan to beef up regulation and oversight of mid-sized banks. And, Amtrak is seeking record funding this year on the heels of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act.

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What Trump's indictment could mean for markets

Erik Gordon, professor at the University of Michigan, tells us how the former president’s legal troubles could mean market uncertainty.

White House releases plan for tighter mid-sized bank regulation

Marketplace’s Nova Safo explains what’s in the Biden administration’s new proposal.

Amtrak wants $3.6 billion in subsidies. It probably won't get all of that

Mar 31, 2023
It's asking for 50% more funding than it received for the current fiscal year.
The rail service provider asked for a whopping $3.6 billion this fiscal year from Congress, which is more than it has ever gotten in its 50-plus years.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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