All eyes on Beijing’s ties with U.S., Europe
Jun 19, 2023

All eyes on Beijing’s ties with U.S., Europe

Relations between Beijing and the West are in focus this morning with U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken meeting China's leader Xi Jinping, who said there was progress in mending strained relations. And Europe is watching all of this. After reports of multiple Chinese crackdowns on Western businesses, some European firms are rethinking their operations in China. Also on the show today: Garrison Hayes, author of "A Kids Book About Juneteenth." Hayes tells us more about why he decided to write this book.

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Educating young minds about Juneteenth, one page at a time

Jun 19, 2023
A new book seeks to teach kids the complete history of Juneteenth and the values the holiday represents.
Entrepreneur Garrison Hayes created "A Kids Book About Juneteenth" to help youngsters learn the history of the holiday.
A Kids Co.

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