A win for the CFPB, a loss for the FTC
Jul 12, 2023

A win for the CFPB, a loss for the FTC

We'll talk to the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about Bank of America's illegal activity, and what his agency and others are doing about it. The big takeaway? Laws are not suggestions. Plus, Microsoft wins big against the FTC's trust busters, and the Southwest gets some relief from the heat.

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Why banks are trying to make a business out of junk fees

Financial regulatory director says laws are not suggestions for banks.
Bank of America will give  $100 million back to customers that it wrongfully took in fees. The bank will also pay another $150 million in penalties.
Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

What the FTC's Microsoft-Activision loss might mean for future mergers

Jul 12, 2023
Microsoft can proceed with its purchase, but fighting the FTC's antitrust lawsuit came with a lot of scrutiny.
This ruling marks a defeat for the Federal Trade Commission, which has brought a number of antitrust challenges to these kinds of vertical mergers.
Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images

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