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A big week ahead in Washington for the global economy
Apr 10, 2023

A big week ahead in Washington for the global economy

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, the titans of international finance, start their joint spring meetings in Washington, D.C. this week. We talk with World Bank chief David Malpass about what he's looking to discuss at the meeting, including the precarious debt positions of developing nations and rising interest rates in advanced economies. And, a look into how workers are dealing with lower wage increases as inflation remains stubbornly high. 

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World Bank convenes amid a shaky global economic backdrop

Chief David Malpass discusses the obstacles facing developing nations, including a scarcity of investment capital and loans from the rich world.
Outgoing World Bank President at an October news conference. He laments that "the investment rates into developing countries has turned downward."
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Amid slowing wage growth, new jobs and salary negotiations still pay off

Apr 10, 2023
As wage growth slows, workers consider job-hopping to boost their pay; but when offered a new job, only 3-in-10 try to negotiate for a better deal.
Wage growth is slowing relative to peak pandemic times. With inflation remaining elevated, workers are looking for workarounds.
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