A big week ahead for macroeconomic wonks
Mar 6, 2023

A big week ahead for macroeconomic wonks

It's set to be a big week for watchers of the larger U.S. economy — Fed Chair Jerome Powell will testify to Congress on Tuesday and Wednesday, while the February jobs report comes out Friday. We spoke with economist Julia Coronado about what we should expect in the week ahead. Vehicles, a good that enjoyed high demand and high prices during the peak of the pandemic, are now in lower demand partly because of elevated interest rates and inflation-weary consumers. And, a look at why some big cities in France are banning electronic billboards. 

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New car sales have slowed amid higher prices and interest rates

Mar 6, 2023
There are plenty of cars on lots, unlike a year ago. It's buyers who are in short supply.
Supply is higher than it has been, but new car prices are averaging around $50,000 and interest rates remain elevated. That means many buyers are staying away.
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Jobs report, Powell testimony headline big economic week

Julia Coronado, founder of MacroPolicy Perspectives, walks us through what to expect.

French cities are banning billboards

Mar 6, 2023
A number of French cities are going to war against street advertising which they say is ugly, anti-ecological and anti-social. 
Woman walks past advertising in the Paris subway. The French capital has cut 30% of its publicity billboards with more cuts planned for the future.
John Laurenson

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