Marketplace Money for November 28, 2008
Nov 28, 2008

Marketplace Money for November 28, 2008

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Bailouts and rescue efforts keep coming

Nov 28, 2008
Citigroup is teetering on the edge of collapse, and the Federal Reserve keeps trying to salvage the economy by throwing money at it. Senior Business Correspondent Bob Moon reviews the week's developments in the financial crisis.

Layaway plans regain popularity

Nov 28, 2008
Knowing people have less cash in their wallets, some retailers are turning to old tricks to get shoppers spending money during the holiday season. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports.
Natalie Lafuentes shops for a toaster at a Sears store in Yonkers, N.Y. Retailers such as Sears are seeing a resurgence in the use of layaway plans.
Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images

Thanks for Ben, Hank and Sheila

Nov 28, 2008
In this week's Straight Story, Chris Farrell says he still has some people and things to be thankful for, despite the sorry state of the economy.

More families turning to food banks

Nov 28, 2008
Host Tess Vigeland introduces us to Elaine, just one of many people pushed by the tough economic times from financial stability to barely getting by.
Low wages are a big factor in the increased demand for emergency food assistance.
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Talking with kids about tough times

Nov 28, 2008
Even if they don't understand the specifics, your kids probably know that something's not quite right in the financial world. Host Tess Vigeland asks Kiplinger's Janet Bodnar how best to discuss the crisis with them.
Janet Bodnar, deputy editor of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine

Getting Personal

Nov 28, 2008
Tess Vigeland and Chris Farrell give advice on paying for a student's college costs, helping mom with retirement, and the No-Brainer, Margarita and Couch Potato portfolios.

Day in the Work Life: The big cheese

Nov 28, 2008
New York City's Chanterelle restaurant offers menus decorated with limited-edition art, a 5000-bottle wine cellar and some of the best cheese in the world. Better have a good fromager.

The 99-Cent Chef's recipe

Nov 28, 2008
Wallets are being squeezed from all sides, but with an eye for bargains, you can eat healthy and on the cheap. Brendan Newnam dines with L.A.'s 99-Cent Chef.

Paying egg-stra

Nov 28, 2008
With food prices on the rise, Sarah Gardner asks why it costs twice as much to make an omelette. She discovers cracking the price of eggs is quite the riddle.