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Features by Annie Baxter

What you need to know about charter schools

They're public schools, funded by taxpayers, but they don't go by the usual book
Posted In: charter schools, Minnesota

FIFA: Unsanctioned underwear is "incidental exposure"

We look at the serious business of sponsorship and product (mis)placement.
Posted In: FIFA, World Cup, underwear

Specialty drugs could fuel health care inflation

Why health care spending is projected to accelerate in 2015.
Posted In: health care costs, medicine

B-corporations can put social purpose over profits

Minnesota is the latest state to offer businesses b-corporation status
Posted In: bank, patagonia, banking

Amazon likely to unveil new smart phone

An Amazon smart phone might be a gateway to more shopping power
Posted In: Amazon, smart phones

Report says too many teachers-to-be are poor students

A report on Teacher Quality wants stricter criteria for teacher prep programs.
Posted In: teacher training, teacher pay, teachers

That college essay on Proust could land you a job

Collegefeed helps students spin their college experiences into job qualifications
Posted In: Unemployment, college graduate, dream job

Landmark trial begins in NCAA case

A look at who profits from college basketball, and where that money should go.
Posted In: NCAA, basketball

How campus safety could affect college choices

Sexual assault is big a topic among college students, but it may not factor into picking a school.
Posted In: sexual predators, college, college admissions

Public college presidents get big paychecks

College presidents are said to earn their paychecks by bringing in lots of money.
Posted In: college presidents, Ohio State


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