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California desert town banks on solar

Sep 26, 2011
Lancaster, Calif., is just one struggling city that's beginning to invest in the sun.

Bill Gates on the importance of energy research for the future

Sep 14, 2011
The American Energy Innovation Council is urging Congress to invest in research and development of new energy technologies. Bill Gates discusses the group's mission of making energy R&D a priority.

U.S. solar industry is hurting

Sep 1, 2011
There were hopes that the green energy sector might be one of the stronger parts of the U.S. economy. But now Solyndra, a company the government invested in heavily, has folded.

The role of energy policy in growing the U.S. economy

Jul 1, 2011
Live from the Aspen Ideas Festival, Kai Ryssdal hosts a roundtable with energy industry leaders.

Electricity prices aren't created equal

May 23, 2011
In Hawaii, high prices for electricity have led residents to cut back and look for alternatives.

Too much dam power

May 19, 2011
In the Pacific Northwest, a surplus of hydro power is crowding out wind power. The grid just can't handle all that renewable energy at once.

Is telecommuting really green?

Jan 26, 2011
Working from home may not be as good for the environment as you think it is.

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