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How to act as a responsible foodie

Diners have a responsibility to learn about the history of restaurants and the people behind them, says professor and author Pascale Joassart-Marcelli.
"I think that foodies have a responsibility ... to educate themselves and to reflect on the impacts of the consumption," said professor Pascale Joassart-Marcelli.
Sandy Huffaker/AFP via Getty Images

A rebellious yell from the underclass

Sep 26, 2023
Econ Extra Credit newsletter #167
A museum exhibit features punk posters for concerts held over the last 40 years at music venues in Los Angeles.
Fredric J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

Restaurants on wheels

Sep 18, 2023
Econ Extra Credit newsletter #166
Roy Choi's Korean fusion truck Kogi helped kick off the food truck trend.
Samantha Trauben/Getty Images for International Rescue Committee

Feeding gentrification

Sep 11, 2023
Econ Extra Credit newsletter #165
Roast To Go has been at Grand Central Market since 1952.
iStock Editorial/Getty Images Plus

On "City of Gold"

Sep 4, 2023
Econ Extra Credit newsletter #164
The documentary from 2015 follows Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Jonathan Gold through the culinary culture of Los Angeles.
Screenshot via YouTube