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Conan O'Brien airs tonight on TBS

Nov 8, 2010
Comedian Conan O'Brien is back on the tube this Monday night with his new late-night show, airing at 11 p.m. ET on TBS.

What O'Brien's move means for cable

Apr 13, 2010
Conan O'Brien's move to a late-night show on TBS may be a symbolic step down from his last gig, but it could be a step towards the future for cable. Amy Scott explores how the move might impact viewers.

Conan to go on the road for live shows

Mar 12, 2010
Conan O'Brien is contractually barred from appearing on TV for several months, so he's taking his show on the road. Why? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Will Leno return boost 'Tonight Show?'

Feb 24, 2010
NBC is hoping the return of Jay Leno to "The Tonight Show" will help it reclaim the late-night dominance it once held. But it also has a big hole to fill at the 10 o'clock hour. Jeremy Hobson reports.

NBC makes room for scripted programs

Jan 18, 2010
The departure of Jay Leno from prime time opens up an hour for NBC to fill with dramas and scripted shows. And many Hollywood producers and writers are breathing a collective sigh of relief. Bob Moon reports.