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Have we learned from the collapse?

Sep 11, 2009
In the year since the start of the economic meltdown, Americans have been saving more and paying off debts. But have we really changed our ways? Tess Vigeland gets opinions from experts and regular folks.
Counting pennies

After Lehman: 'Proud of the work'

Sep 10, 2009
Lehman Brothers' demise deepened the nation's financial crisis. It also left thousands of people out of work. One of them was Dave Demuro, the firm's director of global compliance and regulation. He reflects on his 24 years there.

After Lehman: 'A chance to pause'

Sep 10, 2009
Maliha Mustafa was an analyst at Lehman Brothers. After losing her job, she moved back home to Illinois to write a book and apply for business school.

After Lehman: 'I loved my job there'

Sep 10, 2009
Elizabeth Moran, was a vice president of talent management at Lehman Brothers. She tells how she's adapting to her new life away from Wall Street.

Crisis rattled belief in financial system

Sep 10, 2009
Lehman Brothers' collapse a year ago shattered the blind faith that Americans at all levels of society had placed in the financial system. Kai Ryssdal examines how trust was abused and what it will take to rebuild it.