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Small talk: Pink lights, games with cats, Google ads

The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: using pink lights to deter criminals, an interspecies iPad game you can play with your cat, Google replacing ringtones with ads.

The explosive birth of the bikini

Jul 11, 2014
How war rations and atomic testing brought about the world's skimpiest suit.

Medicinal food goes to pot

Nov 2, 2010
Californians will vote on a ballot initiative that would legalize all marijuana use, which could open up new business opportunities. The Golden State currently allows marijuana for medical use. Rico Gagliano talks with one woman who's carved a special place for herself in the weed economy.

Taking time off for 'crisis tourism'

Aug 13, 2010
Drug wars, worker strikes -- The stuff you see on the TV news is not exactly what you want to see on your vacation. But even still, people were taking vacations to Mexico and Greece -- at a significant discount.

A history of in-flight food

Jul 5, 2010
Rico Gagliano gives a brief history of the rise -- and fall -- of airplane food.

Rupee symbol a source of Indian pride

Jun 24, 2010
The Indian government unveiled its new symbol for the rupee, a graphic winning a contest that beat out five central competitors. View photos.

A history of in-flight food

May 19, 2010
Rico Gagliano gives a brief history of the rise -- and fall -- of in-flight food, given Continental's recent announcement that it, too, will join the no-food-for-you club.

Who's rolling with the pot truck?

Apr 26, 2010
Two members of a medical marijuana collective were cited for selling put out of a motorhome. The couple says they'll fight the citation. The Marketplace Players know a few people who hope they win.

What's a YouTube phenomenon worth?

Apr 16, 2010
How do you make money off a hit YouTube video that's been viewed millions of times? Rico Gagliano finds out.

Will China accept foreign aid for quake?

Apr 14, 2010
People worldwide want to donate to the relief effort in China after a 7.1 earthquake rocked the Qinghai province. But the Chinese government has a reputation for exerting tight control, so will they be open to international help? Rico Gagliano reports.