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Texas program helps fill the ranks of construction management jobs

Dec 26, 2016
There's a construction boom in North Texas.
Jesse Johnson, (wearing hat), a student in construction management, at the Preston Hollow home job site.
Bill Zeeble

In Texas, kids learn money doesn't grow on trees

Jul 25, 2016
From stores to a bank and radio station — in Enterprise City, kids run it all.
Students run things in the North Texas town of Enterprise City.

Kitchens — it's where the jobs are

May 3, 2016
With restaurant jobs expected to grow 12 percent over the next decade, culinary school is a smart career choice.
Different cooking teams are preparing everything from gazpacho to cucumber soup with dill leeks. 
Bill Zeeble/KERA

Turning dented band instruments into teaching tools

Jan 1, 2016
A look at a Texas high school that recently launched a program to teach kids how to repair instruments.

J.C. Penney tries to freshen up with 'Joe Fresh'

Mar 14, 2013
J.C. Penney seriously needs to catch a break right now. Shoppers were scared off when the chain eliminated big sales in favor of everyday low prices. Now, Penney's will open 681 'Joe Fresh' shops inside their main stores.

American Airlines bankruptcy could void union contracts

Mar 26, 2012
The parent company of American Airlines wants more concessions from unions, or it'll push to cancel existing labor contracts.