Spinach in the field.
Spinach in the field. - 
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From the Marketplace Datebook, here’s a look at what’s coming up Wednesday:

  • In Washington, the Commerce Department reports on durable goods orders for February.
  • The Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee holds a hearing titled, "Protecting Personal Consumer Information from Cyber Attacks and Data Breaches."
  • Sandra Day O'Connor turns 84. She was the first woman justice to serve on the Supreme Court.
  • Who is playing Lollapalooza this summer in Chicago? The lineup is scheduled to be announced.
  • And you know how we like to talk about food here at Datebook headquarters. March 26 is National Spinach Day. You remember the superfood spinach? You loved it before kale began its quiet, seemingly aloof advance on the farmers' markets only to invade your home with its leafy green hipness. That band you love? Kale was listening to it before it was cool. Vegetables like that need to be chopped.