Bring tech to the table this Thanksgiving.
Bring tech to the table this Thanksgiving. - 
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Lots of people will lose sleep tonight as they worry about whether their Thanksgiving feast will turn out as they hoped. We wanted to talk turkey with a techie. So we called up Scott Heimendinger. He used to work for Microsoft and IBM, but these days he's the director of applied research for the Modernist Cuisine cookbooks. The cookbooks are gorgeous, and the app and e-book -- with, we should note, a whole section on cooking turkey, is also impressive. Heimendinger tells us how to cook a turkey sous vide, caramelize sweet potatoes in a pressure cooker, and use technology to spice up your home cooking. 

Check out these Modernist Cuisinces recipes, download a free chapter of the e-book and change the way you do Thanksgiving: 

Caramelized Carrot Soup

Sous Vide Turkey Breast

Pressure-Caramelized Onions


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