Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. - 
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Despite the government shutdown, some official news managed to come out of Washington this week. President Obama nominated Janet Yellen to head the Federal Reserve when revered chairman Ben Bernanke steps down in January.

Shortly before the news broke, The New Yorker published “At Home With Ben Bernanke,” a comic that had us chuckling. It depicts a stiff Bernanke, waiting alone at the dinner table as someone shouts from the kitchen. And it is these charming words that we want to hear come out of your mouth: 

“And if you think that every time you open your mouth around here everyone is going to dance to your tune, you’ve got another thing coming, Mr. Federal Reserve!”

We know some of you are probably brilliantly talented, undiscovered voice actors. So let’s hear it! We’ll compile the best renditions on our brand new Marketplace Voice Mail channel on Audioboo, and we may even use it on air.

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UPDATE, 10/18/2013: And we have a winner! As we wonder whether the government shutdown rattled the Federal Reserve, one anonymous listener rattles at Ben Bernanke. Though we don't know his name, he says he's from Flatbush, in Brooklyn -- which coincidentally, is the same New York borough Janet Yellen hails from. Hear his message below, and listen to all of the other contenders here.