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St. Louis: You Know You’re Wealthy When…

Adam Allington

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Nestled next to the Mississippi, right across the river from Illinois, and smack-dab in the center of middle America, St. Louis and its residents can be difficult to define. But when we asked folks to finish the sentence: you know you’re wealthy when …, we saw the character of St. Louis start to take shape in their answers.

Time is money:


Amanda Doyle says, “You know you’re wealthy when your time is worth more to you than the money you’d have to trade for it.”

You’re so jaded:

Stan Chisholm says, “You know you’re wealthy when you don’t even know how much you have.”

Paid your dues:

Maddy Earnest, meanwhile, says, “You know you’re wealthy when you can pay your staff, yourself and your vendors every week.”

No one’s burst your bubble:

“You know you’re wealthy when you have a static and impenetrable sense of financial security; in the midst of worldwide financial apocalypse, you can still buy whatever you want…” says Lola Fayanju, with son in arms.

You do what you want:

Jason McClelland tells us, “You know you’re wealthy when you can do what you want to do.”

Love is all around you:

Don Silvey and Dave O’Brien agree, “You know you’re wealthy when the one you love is also your best friend.”

You’re a picture of good health:

Jason Keune thinks, “You know you’re wealthy when you have access to appropriate nutrition every day of your life.

You’re right on the money:

Brian Marston believes, “You know you’re wealthy when your money works for you, instead of the other way around.”

You’ve got the bare necessities:

Ian MacMullen, on the other hand, says “You know you’re wealthy when your necessities are other people’s luxuries.” 

This one’s on you:

And Steve Smith says, “You know you’re wealthy when you don’t mind picking up a bar tab for your friends.” 

Check out other photos from around the globe in the interactive map above. And see more from our series to find out what Washington, D.C. residents had to say about wealth in the nation’s capital and to hear from Southern Californians we encountered along the boardwalk in Venice Beach.

And let us know how you would answer that question on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter — use the hashtag #YouAreWealthyWhen.

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