D.C. residents: You know you're wealthy when...

What makes you wealthy? Is it the amount you earn? Whether you own a home debt-free? Or that you can send your kids to college without thinking about loans? Our reporters are visiting cities across the country to ask people to finish this sentence....
"You know you're wealthy when..."

Here's what some of you said in our nation's capital:


"They ask you for your home phone number and they ask you, 'which one?'"


"You're able to do something that you love without having to pay the bills."

"When you are happy and you're able to share that happiness freely."

"You don't have to do any of your daily responsibilities, like you don't have to drive yourself to work or do your dishes or prepare your meals."

"When you don't have to worry about today or tomorrow, next week, next year, or any time in your lifetime about running out of money or not being able to manage financially."

 Check out more pictures in the slideshow above. And see more from our series to find out what Southern Californians had to say about wealth on the boardwalk in Venice Beach and to hear from New Olreans residents about life in the Big Easy.

And let us know how you would answer that question. Let us know on Facebook or on Instagram or Twitter  -- use the hashtag #YouAreWealthyWhen.

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