Listen To The Story

In this week’s ReMarket podcast, I decided to do something a little different, partly because I hear the show differently. By the time the show comes out of the radio (or podcast) to Marketplace staff and listeners, I’ve heard the elements at least three times.  So during the show roll, I pay attention to different things.

The open and the final are two of the things I carefully listen to (I’m the director, so the third is how the music I’ve chosen sounds between the stories). I've highlighted a few opens and finals that I thought symbolized the essence of what we try to do with those two parts of the show every day. Even when I’m home sick, I try to catch the open of the show and honestly, if it's good, I stick around. And if I miss most of the show, I definitely try to hear what the final was.

In this podcast, I have a fun chat with host Kai Ryssdal on how you know what will make a good final. And I gotta say -- his answer might surprise you!

I hope you enjoy my little journey about two parts of Marketplace that don’t always get the most attention. Thanks for listening. And if you have a favorite open or final, share it with us. Plus, check out past ReMarket podcasts here, and subscribe on iTunes here.

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