Arrested Development is, of course, the most popular TV show in the world even though no one watched it when it was actually on the air and so it got canceled. We told you a while back how Netflix, which streams all extant episodes of the show, had made a deal to reunite the cast and make new episodes to premiere next year, possibly in advance of an Arrested Development movie (“You’ve seen hours of this for practically nothing, now pay $10 to watch it in a theater!”).

Now word comes that all the episodes that are being made will debut simultaneously on Netflix, thus establishing a national day where everyone calls in sick to power watch the new episodes. We’ll all get to find out if Michael Cera ever stops being twee and precious!
Show creator Mitchell Hurwitz says there could be additional seasons if the next set of ten episodes proves successful. And if the Netflix funding isn’t enough, there’s always money in the banana stand.

All the cool shows are moving to streaming, folks. Provided you see “cool” as stuff involving Steve Van Zandt and Arrested Development.

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