Killer bees, the popularity of soccer, and the G Drive. All things that have been supposedly just around the corner for years. While that corner has not yet been turned for the long-rumored Google cloud drive, there is evidence to suggest that it may be imminent. (Your move, bees.) Tech Crunch reports on the availability of an app from Google that is designed to hook up to such a drive, although at the moment it doesn’t do anything. This is in line with reports earlier yesterday that the cloud drive was set to launch next week, offering 5GB of storage for free to customers.

So is this all that different from what Apple or Dropbox already offer? Not really. Except that Google is pretty good at creating this wide ecosystem of products across the web so it’s likely to be more ingrained with your online experience than any other company, so it would make sense to use Google’s cloud.

But is it another case of Google arriving late to an already established category (see Facebook, Google+)? Absolutely. 

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