Hear that? It’s the phone. And, oh my, I do believe its fashion-icon Oscar de la Renta. He’s calling, because he wants your help designing his next line. For the next three months you can upload inspirational pictures, videos and ideas to what de la Renta’s team is calling “The Board.” The Wall Street Journal sees the idea building off the Pinterest model of inspiration boards. “It also is the latest chapter in the increasingly intertwined worlds of fashion and technology. Once-secretive design houses are using social media to let the masses peek into their exclusive circles, cultivating fans—and would-be shoppers.” Don’t expect a paycheck, however. Anything submitted to the board becomes property of de la Renta LLC. Still, The Board might be a good chance for aspiring designers to get their name out there. Again, from the Journal: “When a computer mouse is rolled over the screen, the user name behind the submission will pop up. Meanwhile, the images will be on a slow automatic scroll from right to left, with updates in real time.”