The Samsung Galaxy Note is now available for pre-order and it looks like it will begin shipping on February 19th. That’s when you can get it in stores too. The device had its big coming out party last night during the Super Bowl when a 90-second commercial for the device debuted.

It was a celebration of anachronism. First, it featured the not-that-popular-anymore band The Darkness, whose whole schtick is to sound like 70s arena rockers. But mostly, the dang device features a STYLUS. A stylus! Little pen! Like what you see at grocery store check-out screens or on Palm Pilots of a million years ago! We developed touch screens so we wouldn’t need to deal with styluses any more. And now here they are!

Granted, the touch screen works too but still.

I don’t get it, you guys. It’s like we lost a war.