Card Case allows you to pay for goods and services without you pulling out wallet. Courtesy of Square

Taking the Card Case out for a spin

Tess Vigeland Dec 16, 2011
Card Case allows you to pay for goods and services without you pulling out wallet. Courtesy of Square

Tess Vigeland: So after I signed up for Card Case, I figured, why not take it out for a spin, right? Turned out Hollywood Pies was a pizza joint. And I needed to go out in the morning, so that wasn’t going to work. But a juice bar sounded juuuuuust right.

Vigeland on the street: So we’re in downtown Los Angeles, here at Sixth and Spring, walking into Sustain Juicery. And I feel very strange not having any money on me. I don’t even have a wallet.

Vigeland in juice bar: Hello.

Cashiers: Hi!

Vigeland: So, what do you recommend?

Cashier: The Green Monkey is great for in the morning. It’s got lots of fruit, so it’ll wake you up a little bit. And then the spiurlina and kale added to it make a protein as well.

Vigeland: Let’s try that. The Green Monkey.

Cashier: Green Monkey. OK.

Vigeland: Now what do I owe you, as you type on your iPad here?

Cashier: Comes out to $7.50.

Vigeland: And my name is Tess Vigeland. Am I there on your system?

Cashier: It is, right there. First visit.

Vigeland: And that’s my photo!

Cashier: Perfect.

Vigeland: OK, so I don’t even have to give you a credit card or anything.

Cashier: Nope.

Vigeland: I don’t even have to show you my phone.

Cashier: Nope not at all. We have a picture ID, so everything can run pretty smooth. All we have to do is hit “charge.” That’s it.

Vigeland: OK.

Cashier: Makes life easy.

Sound of blender.

As she blended my drink, I chatted with juice bar owner Brian Lee about how well this system works for him.

Vigeland: OK, that is delicious.

Brian Lee: Thank you very much.

Vigeland: So do you have people come in very often to use this?

Lee: Yes, I have a handful of customers who are currently using this Card Case. They like the benefit of not needing to reach into their pocket and create that sort of loyalty base, which I also offer 10 percent discounts for Card Case users. Card Case actually tracks the amount of times they’ve been in. So let’s say if they exceed 10 times in a month, they’ll receive a discount.

Vigeland: So it provides a benefit to you, because it’s another reason for them to come in.

Lee: Absolutely.

As we talked, Lee noticed that another photo popped up on his screen. Another customer in the store using Card Case.

Vigeland: Oh! Someone else is in here using it.

Lee, to customer: You just got on?

Vigeland: Did you really?

Lee: He just realized it. So he will definitely receive that discount very shortly.

Vigeland: So are you a regular customer?

Man: Yeah. I haven’t been racking up loyalty, so now I will. I’ve been coming here for three months, and now they’ll know how often I come in.

A Card Case convert. And why not?

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