Now it’s not just Carrier IQ getting the hard questions from the Minnesota senator, it’s the carriers and device makers as well. Al Franken, (D-Minn.) has petitioned AT&T, Sprint, Samsung, and HTC about the use of the allegedly key logging software built into smart phones. The companies are being asked how they use Carrier IQ and what they’re doing with the information that it’s gathering. They have until December 14th to respond although there’s no specific legal penalty if they fail to do so. Franken is the head of the Senate’s panel on privacy issues.

What’s striking about this whole kerfuffle is how flat-footed Carrier IQ seems to have been caught here. Its answers have been vague and evasive as if it never expected anyone to notice. Whether it’s a completely innocent enterprise or guilty as hell, it might want to consider an overhaul in the ol’ communications office.


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