While Sprint is placing all its survival chips on the iPhone and litigation against the AT&T-T-Mobile deal, Nokia is betting big on Windows. To that end, the company debuted the Lumia 800 and the Lumia 710, two new phones.

From CNET:

The new campaign that has the tagline "The Amazing Everyday" will paint the Nokia Windows Phone smartphones as "must-have" devices that make using a smartphone as easy as possible. From the easy integration of apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, to the new apps that Nokia introduced exclusively for the Lumia devices, such as free and integrated turn-by-turn navigation and instant music mixes, Nokia aims to offer access to common apps without requiring users to download several separate applications from an app store.

Newish Nokia honcho Stephen Elop is a former Microsoft executive and that connection is thought to have sped this partnership. The target audience for the new phones? Young adults. 25-year-olds.

I don't claim to understand much about demographic based marketing or brand awareness but how many 25-year-olds do you know that would get really jazzed up about a Microsoft product?

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