If this one doesn't make you squirm then I think you better go to the doctor to get your squirming reflexes tested. Today, Warner Bros. is announcing a new TV series to debut on Facebook that lets you be sort of an ancillary character. You watch it by going to Aim High's Facebook page, Liking it, and giving it permission to access your data. Then the action unfolds.

From the press release:

By choosing to watch "Aim High" in a personalized viewing mode through the show's Facebook page, viewers will be able to see themselves or their friends integrated into select scenes throughout the series - from their photo appearing on a student body election poster, to having their name seen as graffiti on the bathroom wall. This video application not only allows consumers to have an immersive and engaging viewing experience, but also a social one where they can share comments, scenes and Tweets about their favorite moments from the show.

The series stars Aimee Teagarden, "Julie Taylor" from Friday Night Lights. I can't believe Coach would let her get away with something like this.

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