Need to unload? Or want to help out the emo boy on the bus? Emotional Bag Check is a website that lets strangers suggest songs to cheer other people up. Wired featured them on their site today.

It's pretty easy. Say you're in a tough spot, a romantic rut, a personal jam. You go to the site, and post your problem.

Some kind soul will read it (without seeing any of your contact info) and send back a song to (ideally) make you feel better.

No big problems weighing you down? Lucky you. Maybe suggest a song for someone else's troubles.

Site creator Robyn Overstreet says the most common causes of complaints (at least so far) are boyfriends. And she's got a list of the top 25 recommended songs here. Among them: Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer, The Middle by Jimmy Eats World, and a bunch of Bob Marley tunes.

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