Posted by Chau Tu

For Marketplace, Friday, September 16, 2011

Does advertising corrupt pop music? We heard about Paul Simon's influence. Carnegie-Mellon plans on opening a Rwanda campus next year. Plastic harvested from the giant patch of trash floating in the Pacific Ocean has begun finding its way into recycled products. Do consumer surveys have any predictive value for the future of our economy? Europe may look to the Federal Reserve for U.S. dollars. We heard from a 60-something on giving up on the job search. And we had the weekly wrap as well as small talk from the Dinner Party Download crew. Here are the songs we played:

  • All I Want - LCD SoundsystemBuy
  • Kansai - Ra Ra RiotBuy
  • Ocean City Girl - IvyBuy
  • Wrapped in Plastic - Her Space HolidayBuy
  • Kodachrome - Paul SimonBuy