Reactions are coming from GOP foes of the Obama administration and the Department of Justice's suit to stop AT&T's acquisition of T-Mobile.

Politico has some round up of the gripes:

Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) said he was "disappointed in the Justice Department's decision," citing Tuesday's announcement from AT&T that it intended to return 5,000 outsourced call center jobs to the United States if the deal went through.

Another Texas Republican, Rep. Pete Sessions, called DOJ's decision "the latest example of the Obama administration's continued assault on the American economy."


I have yet to see any estimates on how many T-Mobile jobs would be lost due to redundancy in an acquisition scenario but it has 36,000 overall employees right now. Would the addition of 5000 call center jobs plus seeming inevitable layoffs make a net gain, a net loss, or a wash for the overall number of employees? And what would it mean for the kinds of jobs being offered in terms of pay scale?

Oh, I'm sorry, I was just thinking out loud. Are you still here? Oh thanks! Hi!

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