A Canadian dollar coin (or "loonie") against an American dollar bill.
A Canadian dollar coin (or "loonie") against an American dollar bill. - 
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Matthew Kelson: Hi, my name is Matthew Kelson and I'm from Detroit. I'm in front of the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles, Calif. It's a handmade leather wallet that I picked up in Detroit. I used to keep fortunes in here, but I switched wallets. I do have $20 in Canadian. I used to work for a film festival in Windsor, Ontario and I've had that in my wallet since I worked for the festival. It was an experimental film festival, so they've had different art films. I did stuff on the U.S. side, trying to get people to come across the border. The Canadian dollar is about equivalent now, maybe a little bit more. I thought of trading it in, but I dunno, seems a little bit too much work. So I just keep it in there, in case I go to a festival next year, maybe.

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