British Police say they've arrested a key leader of LulzSec. His code name: Topiary. He's 19 and he was living on the windswept Shetland Islands on the edge of the north sea. But already some bloggers are suggesting the police got the wrong man.

Topiary was allegedly a LulzSec cofounder and the group' s unofficial spokesperson. He may have helped plan the attack on a DC security firm, HBGary as well as it's high-profile hack sof CIA, FBI and Sony sites. But already blog posts are up claiming the police got the wrong guy.

Jason Mick at the Daily Tech blog is citing Internet chat logs to argue that the real Topiary isn't a 19-year old Scott, but a 23-year-old Swede. Mick argues Lulzsec and Anonymous have a history of leading police to former members who have ticked them off.

The truth? Who knows?