Interesting swerve going on here. At a time when AT&T and Verizon are moving to tiered data plans, T-Mobile is trying to have it both ways. The Ringo of wireless carriers will offer new plans starting on July 24th that feature cheaper rates than before for unlimited talk and text. The plans get a little tricky when it comes to data. It comes down to an idea called "tiered unlimited". explains it this way:

As silly as 'tiered unlimited' sounds, T-Mobile is aiming to eliminate overage charges through data throttling. So while customers will technically be able to use as much data as they want, they'll only be able to download 2, 5 or 10GB per month at 4G and 3G speeds, depending on their plan. All data that exceeds that soft limit will only flow at 2G speeds, but won't cost anything extra.

So what happens when AT&T's purchase of T-Mobile goes through? Well, we don't know. And at this point we don't know if it even will. What we do know is that T-Mobile is bleeding customers as people flock to the big two.

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