Paul Ceglia, the New York fuel pellet salesman who claims to have a legal right to 50% of Facebook, is getting creamed by Facebook lawyers. As you'll recall, Ceglia produced what he claimed were emails between himself and then-college freshman Mark Zuckerberg wherein Zuckerberg promised Ceglia half of the new business in exchange for a small investment. This article from Business Insider is a pretty fun read. In short, Ceglia has a long history as a con artist. Investigators were able to get Zuckerberg's old Harvard emails, which indicate that Ceglia never paid Zuckerberg for work performed. They gave the emails Ceglia produced to a linguistics expert who concluded that they weren't from Zuckerberg.

What is America coming to if a humble con artist can't use fake emails to get half of one of the biggest tech companies on the planet? That's not why we fought the War of 1812, my friends.

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