For years, everyone's known that PCs are prone to malware and Macs are not. Just ask any Mac owner, they'll condescendingly tell you so. Well, party's over. A new malware program going by the name Mac Defender is making the rounds. It hides out on malware hosting websites and if you stumble upon one (weird link, someone gaming search engine optimization, whatevs) you might see a pretty aggressive pop up saying that you've been infected but if you download Mac Defender (sometimes goes by the names Mac Security or Mac Protector), you can get rid of it. Sometimes it even asks for your credit card info to "buy" this program. The program, of course, is malware. Apple tech support has been receiving four to five times more calls lately, mostly having to do with the malware. Apple fans have taken to insisting that they were way into an earlier version of the malware before it sold out.

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