The Wall Street Journal announced a new WikiLeaks-type site for sources to upload confidential documents. The site was built internally and promises super-encrypted anonymity for people to upload emails, databases, financial records and other files that might otherwise be kept behind locked doors.

Soon after yesterday's launch, however, the site was slammed by security experts for not protecting user privacy... like a safe house built out of slightly tinted glass. The Guardian points out that there's potential for users to be redirected to an unencrypted version of the site, thus exposing them and their documents to whomever is on the network. Also SafeHouse's terms and conditions includes a disclaimer that it "cannot ensure complete anonymity" of whistleblowers who opt to use the most secure form of uploading to the site - and recommends using "cloaking" tools such as Tor, which hide the online identities of users. Think of it like blowing a silent dog whistle while covered in meat summoning a pack of hungry Dobermans.

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