A fight over money
A fight over money - 
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Tess Vigeland: So, have you done your taxes yet?

Woman 1: I am lazy and I'm putting it off.

Man 1: No, I have not. I haven't started.

Woman 2: I've prepared my taxes. I haven't submitted them, because I'm pretty disappointed that I'm not getting a big refund.

Man 2 laughs

Woman 3: No. It's probably one of my most dreaded things.

Woman 4: Nope. I have not, because we wait till the last minute.

Man 3: No. I don't know if I'm going to owe money or get a refund or what.

Woman 5: I have. And that makes me feel really good!

Man 4: No. I'm waiting till the last minute, 'cause I owe them $10,000. They're gonna take out, so why should I rush?

Man 5: I know once I sit down and do it, it won't hurt. It's actually the procrastination hurts more than the doing.