While we've been waiting for months for Apple, Google, or Microsoft to launch a cloud based music service, Amazon seems to have snuck in and scooped them all. Last night, Amazon debuted two products: Amazon Cloud Drive, which lets you store your music on an Amazon server and Amazon Cloud Player, which lets you listen to that music through your browser or Android-enabled device. You get 5gb storage for free, if you want more than that, it's an extra annual fee. There are still some limits, most obviously the lack of any Apple iOS compatibility (no iPhones, no iPads, no iPod Touches). But now we can watch to see if that gets added in later. It seems obvious that it would and inarguable that it should but Apple and Amazon are in a battle over tablets and the name "app store" right now so they might not get it resolved. It will also be interesting to see if Amazon starts allowing movies and photos to be stored up there as well.

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