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Small talk: The YouTube degree, Phil Collins retires

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Kai Ryssdal: This final note on the way out, a break from the news of the week and a chance to check out what didn’t quite make the headlines. Courtesy of Rico Gagliano, Brendan Francis Newnam and select members of the Marketplace staff.

Brendan Newnam: Jennifer Collins, reporter for Marketplace. What story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

Jennifer Collins: Facebook is coming out with these new tools to combat bullying online.

Newnam: Like combs and culture magazines to make people cooler?

Collins: Well not quite. They apparently created tools to allow victims to socially shame bullies.

Newnam: Gee, I wonder why Mark Zuckerberg would be so interested in stopping bullies.

Collins: Seriously, Zuckerberg is like the living example of the nerd’s final revenge.

Rico Gagliano: Rod Abid, senior producer of Marketplace Morning Report. What story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

Rod Abid: Well it’s a brand new college degree at Columbia College in Chicago. You can now major in YouTube.

Gagliano: Is it like how to make money on YouTube?

Abid: It’s how to make more professional content for YouTube, so your version of your Lady Gaga song will look much better now.

Gagliano: Right. But only after you take Kittens 101 and Introduction to Exploiting Your Cute Child.

Abid: Exactly, that’s it.

Newnam: Stacey Vanek Smith, senior reporter for Marketplace. What story are you going to be talking about this weekend?

Stacey Vanek Smith: Well, Phil Collins is going to stop making music. It’s very sad.

Newnam: You know, I could see that coming, in the air tonight.

Vanek Smith: Right. He says that he wants to spend more time with his two kids.

Newnam: And he won’t give us one more night?

Vanek Smith: No, not one more album. But you know, the thing that keeps running through my head is how could he just walk away from us, when all we could do is watch him leave?

Newnam: Well if he stays at home, no jackets required.

Vanek Smith: Oh no. I think it’s just a shame, and that’s all.

Ryssdal: That’s the merest hint of what Rico and Brendan have to offer. There’s more on the podcast they do, The Dinner Party Download.

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