Credit card issuers are trying to revive their old business model of signing up the slightly riskier customer. The goal is to find customers that run a balance but will still pay the bill on time.

They're parsing the data to figure out how risky they can get with their customers, according to the New York Times. It's a good move for their profit margins and it's intriguibng that issuers are struggling to come up with a better credit scoring system. Still, there really is no reason for the customer to reward them with business, especially since the cards will come with higher fees and interest rates..

The real estate market has been down so long that it's masking how much the financial fundamentals have improved.

Timing matters. If the tax cut compromise bill does pass it will take time before it shows up in your paycheck. The big problem is the payroll tax holiday. But the money will eventually show up.

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