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Welcome to New York — Cynthia Rowley

Jeremy Hobson Nov 12, 2010

Welcome to New York — Cynthia Rowley

Jeremy Hobson Nov 12, 2010


JEREMY HOBSON: We’re going to be broadcasting from New York instead of Marketplace headquarters in Los Angeles for the next few months. And we’re starting things off this week with some conversations with the people who make the economy here in the big apple what it is.

Today we’re joined by fashion icon Cynthia Rowley. Welcome to Marketplace.

CYNTHIA ROWLEY: Thanks for having me. Welcome to New York.

HOBSON: How’s fashion felt the recession and the recovery do you think? Can you see it in what people wear, whether we’re in a recession or not?

ROWLEY: Oh you know there’s all those old sayings, you know the skirt lengths and all that. But now I think there’s so many options that I don’t think we can pin point any of those benchmarks like that anymore.

HOBSON: Have you done anything differently in the last couple of years?

ROWLEY: The way I approach fashion is that it’s balancing things that are more artistic and therefore maybe a little bit more expensive, with things that I think are main-stream staples.

HOBSON: I’ve heard that trends can start in New York. That people start walking down the street with an ensemble that’s different. Then somebody else sees it, copies it. Then next thing you know it’s in Vogue or a big fashion magazine or it’s on the runway. Is that true?

ROWLEY: There are a lot of trends that start in New York just because there’s so much going on here, you know. It’s the center for filmmakers, for contemporary art, and so you find individuals and be inspired by that.

HOBSON: OK we’re going to do a quick lightening round, here. Quick questions, quick answers, here we go. Is New York the global capitol of fashion?


HOBSON: What’s its main competitor in the United States?

ROWLEY: I think there is no competition.

HOBSON: Not LA, or San Francisco?

ROWLEY: Definitely not, sorry guys.

HOBSON: What were your kids for Halloween?

ROWLEY: Last year my daughter was a polar bear, and then this year you know I can just change the hat and she’s a white kitten.

HOBSON: So it’s an economical way of doing Halloween?

ROWLEY: Yeah it’s a great way to do it. And the other one’s a kangaroo.

HOBSON: Let me ask you one other thing, we’re starting our show now in New York City for the next few months. What is the one thing in this city that we should make sure and see while we’re here?

ROWLEY: Well, I have a Vespa that I get around town on, and I think everyone in New York should have a Vespa, because you can see it all.

HOBSON: I don’t know if I want to see eight and a half million people driving around the city on Vespas. Alright, Cynthia Rowley thanks so much for joining us on our Welcome to New York Week on Marketplace.

ROWLEY: Yeah! Welcome! Thank you.

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