Now we have a giant reason to get out of bed in the morning.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com broke the Guinness World Record for the largest cup of coffee. Their motto? 2,010 in 2010.

It took the team eight hours to fill an 8 feet by 8 feet custom-made coffee mug with 2,010 gallons of freshly-brewed java. For the record: 2,010 gallons of coffee is equivalent to 32,160 regular mugs of joe.

Take that Starbucks Trenta Cup.

"I'm a businessman and am always thinking outside of the box to promote a fun work environment for my employees," said Ryan Abood, the CEO of GourmetGiftBaskets.com, in a news release.

GourmetGiftBaskets.com broke the record last month at the Blog World Expo, the world's largest social media conference held in Las Vegas. The previous world record was set in 2007 with a mere 911.5 gallons.